Monday, October 20, 2008

Random thoughts

The first frost occurred yesterday morning and I had started a fire last night and night before last. I also have had to have a fire in the studio when I go up in the mornings, even though the days are warm. I'm trying not to use the heater, because I'll need that fuel for the firings toward Christmas. I'll be very happy if I can get this wood kiln built. In the mean while, I have to get in the woods to cut firewood and wouldn't you know it, the sheriff calls me up for jury duty. I imagine this will kill my week, or more, to fulfill this obligation, if I'm selected.
Maria and I decided to keep the pup, he is as good a little fellow as can be for us. Squeak, our cat at the house, has warmed up to Spud, slightly, the fur is down now, but Malcom, my cat at the shop, jumped the pup first thing, he's such a bully. Maria says, "what goes round, comes round." The pup will grow up and with Malcom afraid of everything, we'll see who is the bully, later.
For the pass month or so, I have been trying to pump my determination up a notch or two. I'm looking at as many new images as I can to be inspired. I'm also going to pump up the amount of work I do each day, but not to the level I had done before, I want to make each piece a little better than the prior piece, define more surface as to how it relates to the whole, sometimes it only takes a little to make the whole form come together, "a little dab will do ya", for those that remember Brelcream, and then again, I've seen some fantastic forms that have been cut and beat to make a whole new concept.
Got to head out of here, if anyone has some work that they are looking at, please send me a link. So, go make them good pots.


Fred said...

Here's a pointer to some woodfired images in case you don't know it - We had our first fire last night - it sure felt good.

potrron said...

Fred, Thanks for the link, that is some excellent work and I haven't even looked at but a few. Thanks Ron