Thursday, September 25, 2008

Production glazing pump

When I was doing a fairly large volume of work, I came across this pump and the ideal to make it, while visiting a potter friend in florida. I knew that I could get more work done in a shorter time frame, using this pump system. The bilge pump (above) is mounted on the wall just above a thirty gallon trash can (with glaze in it.) (about 30000 grams worth.). I liked mine with the handle pointing down on the wall and since I am right handed I placed it to the right of the trash (glaze) can. If you have alot of glazes, make yourself some caddies with casters to move the glaze to the pump.
1. From the left side, as pictured above(intake) of pump, I run a plastic hose into the glaze can.
2. Then I rig a PVC pipe (using a short piece of plastic hose over the nipple to connect the about 3/4 "PVC and the pump on the right side, just like was done on the left side) into the plastic hose and route it into the bucket and have it reduced to about 1/2 " size at the end and have it point up, where the glaze will go up into the inside of a pot and glaze it and the excess will fall back into the trash can.
Even if you don't do large volumes of work it makes glazing large pieces a snap. Lay two sticks across the glaze can, placing your pot upside down on the sticks and over the spout of the PVC. A good hard push on the pump handle will send glaze well up into the pot, glazing it.
Tip: When finished, pull the suction side hose out of the glaze and pump the extra glaze out then suck clean water through the pump to clean it.
You can buy these pumps at any marine supply. I use ( for my supplies. The pump is about $60.00. They have a real good one for around $250. I have the $60. one and it lasted me a long time. Make them pots.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jewish Buddhst

I wanted to share this from a blog I came across, I am not sure as to the author, but you can look at more of this on the blog: Another Queer Jewish Buddhist.

Last night I was chatting with a young man who pointed out that collecting pottery has its issues, since pottery can chip or break. This is true. And this is another aspect of the Japanese concept: 物の哀れ - mono no aware: the beautiful sadness of things. It is the understanding that life is fragile, that all we hold dear will chip, crack and ultimately pass away. The pottery I own I hold in trust for future generations, but I know that someday, perhaps even while it is in my possession, it will be nothing but shards. Much like the very concept of the Living National Treasure — Shimaoka is 88 years old at the moment. The treasures he has created will live on after him, but the treasure that is the sum of who he is will fade as surely as the cherry blossoms that fell from the trees last week. And that's what makes our lives, and beauty, all the more precious.

Anagama firing with Shane Mickey

Mike Smith fired overnight candling, Pat "the bear" Houston and Shane were at about 600 to 700 degrees when I got there. Will Baker and Joy Tanner showed up and Joy jumped right into the middle of it. I had a lot of fun, and met some really good folks, hope to see more of this firing as I go along. Shane was getting worried about my aggressive behavior, something about Hammer 2, I thought it was doing rather well, myself. I told him he had had just a little too much of that soup he called coffee. Shane has more on the firing at his blog site, check it out.
Make them good pots, till later.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Fall chapter

We had our first days of cool air and you can feel the Fall climate. I've finish cleaning up a used insert stove I got from a neighbor. It is as heavy as all get out, but Joe has helped me move it to the back yard where I have sanded and wirebrushed the surface so a coat of stove black can be applied. It will be a day or two until I can move it into the house and get it in the fireplace. I'll need the Ben Gay after that.

These photos are of my son and granddaughter. Momma was taking the picture. Laura, Chase and Shelby are in Japan for another year or so, but Chase says that they are going to try and come home for Christmas. Shelby is growing up way too fast for me. I am excited for them to get here, so I can spoil Shelby, and Chase and Laura. Don't you just love those pink Croc's Shelby is wearing?

I fired some work in Shane Mickey's kiln this pass week and unloaded this pass Thursday. I got some work out that I really enjoyed. I had almost forgot how much of a surprise (in a good way) I get from a wood kiln. Maria and I went up to the shop and worked on the foundation for the wood kiln I have planned. I dug a large footer for the stack, so it wound not sink or tilt. I'm going to go ahead and pour the footer for it this week if I have time, still making work to reload Shane's kiln again. I got some ideals for test glazes and slips to put in this upcoming firing. Well, I need a nap, so go make good pots.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Charlotte show

Three firings in 2 weeks, I had planned on four, thinking I was still a young wipper snapper. I think this is from hanging around Shane Mickey too much. To be around him, is to absorb excessive energy he distributes. I do look forward to the up coming firing with him in his newish old kiln (I had to think about it, too).
It was good to meet some new folks at Charlotte, and renew some old friendships. Sales were brisk in the morning, but slide off in the afternoon. It became hot as all get out and I had to go sit under the big shade trees in back of the booth. Maria sat the booth and seemed to enjoy time talking to folks, she is still excited by these road trips. It's a local show and I don't mind them too much, it also gets me out of the studio.
Make them beautiful pots and post them, love to see new work.

I've added a photo of my Matisse influenced painting "Lady with a Palm".