Thursday, September 25, 2008

Production glazing pump

When I was doing a fairly large volume of work, I came across this pump and the ideal to make it, while visiting a potter friend in florida. I knew that I could get more work done in a shorter time frame, using this pump system. The bilge pump (above) is mounted on the wall just above a thirty gallon trash can (with glaze in it.) (about 30000 grams worth.). I liked mine with the handle pointing down on the wall and since I am right handed I placed it to the right of the trash (glaze) can. If you have alot of glazes, make yourself some caddies with casters to move the glaze to the pump.
1. From the left side, as pictured above(intake) of pump, I run a plastic hose into the glaze can.
2. Then I rig a PVC pipe (using a short piece of plastic hose over the nipple to connect the about 3/4 "PVC and the pump on the right side, just like was done on the left side) into the plastic hose and route it into the bucket and have it reduced to about 1/2 " size at the end and have it point up, where the glaze will go up into the inside of a pot and glaze it and the excess will fall back into the trash can.
Even if you don't do large volumes of work it makes glazing large pieces a snap. Lay two sticks across the glaze can, placing your pot upside down on the sticks and over the spout of the PVC. A good hard push on the pump handle will send glaze well up into the pot, glazing it.
Tip: When finished, pull the suction side hose out of the glaze and pump the extra glaze out then suck clean water through the pump to clean it.
You can buy these pumps at any marine supply. I use ( for my supplies. The pump is about $60.00. They have a real good one for around $250. I have the $60. one and it lasted me a long time. Make them pots.

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