Monday, June 9, 2008

garden time

Maria and I got the garden in and cleaned up this pass weekend. The deer have been eating on the potato tops, but that is about all. We had to put a fence up around the beans and corn. Raccoons are bad to get into the corn and tear the corn open and eat one or two bits, then on to another ear of corn.
Back to the pottery, I fired on this past Friday and I keep doing real dumb stuff. I get lazy about working test tiles up and working the problems out before I use the glaze on a lot of pots. The Shino I use, has aged for a month or so and it has gotten darker. I've been trying several slips to help smooth the shino out and get rid of the pitting that occurs with Shino. Well, I had put the slip on bisque, then dipped it in the glaze, lots of crawling, so, pay attention Slagle.
Its been very hot over the past couple of days. I try to do things in the garden or in the shop, today I worked a while in the garden, till the sun came up and started cooking every thing. I'll head for the shop in a little bit to get some badly needed cleaning done to the studio and my wheel area.