Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A good start.

I've got my Shane Mickey mug and I'm enjoying an early morning java with summer rapidly leaving the mountains, replaced by the crisp air of fall. I look out my windows and the early morning fog is laying up the valley yielding a peacefulness to the farm that is so enjoyable early in the day. So Shane, here's to ya, its a mighty fine cup for having my coffee.

I'm going to Erwin this morning to mow grass and help with the work that is going on with my parents house. I'm getting it ready to sell. It has taken me almost ten years to make this decision, because it is where I grew up and letting go has been very difficult.

I believe that the house is about half way finished. It is a very nicely situated ranch house that looks out over north Erwin and also has an unimpeded view of the Beauty Spot that is straddled by the North Carolina and Tennessee State line. My father, in reference to our close proximity to the state line, always said that "our house is in the city, the garden is in the country and our jon is in North Carolina."

Growing up in Erwin, life was slow and paced, my parents would send me out of the house in the morning and say "if you want supper be back before dust". Such freedoms do not exist today and that is a tragedy. Joe Comeau, a potter friend would say "your as old as dirt and there was only three other people living in Erwin." Thanks, Joe.