Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some notes and photos

I love the qualities that I'm discovering with soda firings.   My initial response is that this looks so much like a wood firing, the colors of the raw clay flash with the patterns of the flame and the way it flows through the kiln.  I just started using a helmar slip on the work and it receives the vapor with a flashing of the surface that is colorful and interesting.  I have included a few shots of this weekends firing.  I had a couple of losses and a few refires, but overall I am delighted with the work. 

The top photo is a six inch bowl with a helmar slip.  The image is made using Hill's fake ash directly on top of the slip and outlined with a black slip and the amber color at the center of the flower is amber celadon.  The liner glaze is temple white.  The middle photo is a four inch bowl with an Oribe green glaze petals and amber celadon used once again for the center of the petals.  The last "tonome" cup has #6 tile slip with a simple iron dot and black slip I've used for years. 

Note:   I have mentioned a slip I have started using,  Linda McFarland introduced me to this slip (actually, it is Amaco's Velvet (V) Underglazes -- LEAD FREE, Jet black  ) in the top two photos.  A problem I have always had is that with delicate haired brushes the solution I dipped into would start to "drag"causing the brush to jump or skip along.  The velvet solution ball milling must allow the solution to flow smoother and develop a better line.  If you've had this same problem check out a small jar of this "ink".  Many thanks to Linda.

So far I have not had much time to do any sculpture, but I do have some work on the bench that is needing attention with a spray bottle of water.  I've gone back to looking at my older drawings of pieces that I want to construct and finding some interesting imagery that I can bring forward in the coming months. 

This coming weekend in Spruce Pine, NC:   
Would love to see you there.  Please stop by the booth and say Hi.