Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Springtime with Maria

I am sorry for the long absence. This winter has passed on by, and the richness of spring is here. I am doubly thankful, spring is my favorite season and Maria is on the mend, she has only a couple of chemos left and she has fared very well against this cancer. She was diagnosed with a tumor against her chest wall and Maria fought it like someone fighting fire, seemingly without fear. She said, when asked, that there was nothing else to do, but deal with it. I am very proud of her, to say the least. I wanted to thank everyone, friends and family, especially Tammy, Maria's sister, whose dedication to Maria's health is incredible. Thank you.
The Hope Center in Asheville has been very supportive and professional with the care that they have shown to Maria and I. They have gone out of their way to make sure that Maria was informed and every explanation was clear.
Dr. Williams, founder of The Hope Center, talked with us, until every question was answered and decisions made. My experience, as an ex paramedic, exposed me to the corrupt side of Medicine. I believe Williams is one of the good guys, those that practice medicine for the love of the art form and for the purpose of giving everyone good health care.
On a personal note, It was very hard to see so many young women in his office. I'm sure this is a fact that truly does upset staff, as it does myself. Young women having to face sometimes disfigurement, just starting their life as young adults. I saw a lot of very young ladies waiting for chemo or radiation and I believe it is very important that we support the fight against cancer, so that Dr. Williams will get less business, I'm sure he would agree.