Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Assembly of paper template forms, p.3

Note: The inside corners have to be enforced with coils to give joints the extra strength. When I attach the first edge slab, I can go in with my hand and place the coil by hand, then I go ahead and add coils all the way, as pictured in bottom photo. I then add the coils to the standing slabs other edge. I can then take a long stick and go in from the top after I attach the second edge slab to the form and push the clay coil firmly against the edges slab.
The middle photo shows a simple finish with the slabs to the piece. In the top photo you can see the addition of small arms or wings to the form. And since I will fire these in a wood kiln, I like to add a flashing slip to the surface. I let it dry for a couple of hours, then apply the slip.
I find this method very well suited for me, it allows me to make larger forms and repeat them without really making the same piece over and over. Have fun, make them good pots.

Assembly of paper template forms, p.2

In the top photo I have put thick slip to the base and to the form and assembled the two slabs. The jug supporting the standing slab is supported with a container of liquid, so it will not turn over easily. This will allow you to prepare the second slab and put it in place, as shown in the middle photo.
Note: For the large slabs I use my slab roller, but for the edge side and the base, I extrude a large coil (about 5") out of the pug mill and then cut it with a wire tool, producing 5-6" slabs.
The bottom photo shows my assembly of the edge of the form in place. You will note the clay is not all the way up the height of the form. By leaving it this way I can add whatever kind of top to the form that I find interesting, letting the same form actually become different images.
Continued in p.3.

Assembly of paper template forms, p. 1

I use a heavy weight paper with a center line drawn down the middle. I free hand draw on one side of the line on the paper of the form. I have drawn horizonal lines about every two inches up the length of the paper, so I then can take a measure on each horizonal line and mirror the image on the other side, then free hand the rest of the image. I use scissors to cut it out at that point and lay it on the slab of clay. The number of cutouts depends on the form image you want, for this I want two of the cutout slabs and I will use just made slabs of clay to tie the edges of the form.
Sorry, the photos are in reverse sequence. the bottom photo is #1. The middle photo is #2 and it shows the textured surface of the clay before I assemble, then I let the slabs then stiffen overnight. I like them to be able to stand on their edge and not collapse, usually leather hard.
The top photo (#3) shows a slab of clay. It can be any length or width. The slab I have made is about 5-6" wide and about3/4 of the height of the form. I score all the edges of the form and the area of the second slab (the base) where the form will attach.

I am having to publish this in parts, so that I want have too many photos up at one time, so this is continued in p. 2.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Paper templates

I had used paper templates many years back to build forms in sculpture, so I thought I would bring it back to produce functional forms. The top two I will have to remake, they froze in the freeze the other night. I've tried several things to see if I can salvage them, but I don't see any future for these two. Anyway, I've got the templates. I have put together several of the forms and I was able to document the process I have used. I hope to have it up tomorrow. Stay warm and don't let them pots freeze.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to work

I haven't written in three weeks or so. The holidays always slow me down and the grey matter becomes a bit darker. Actually, I feel like a bear that wants to find a cave and hibernate when the cold air comes out of Canada.
I've been back in the studio for about a week, with several projects on the workbench. I have been cutting out templates with a stiff paper and placing the paper on a slab of clay to cut out forms that I can put together the next day. I hope to have a shot of the pieces as a before and after firing shot, if I can find my camera. Anyway, get to work and make them beautiful pots.