Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to work

I haven't written in three weeks or so. The holidays always slow me down and the grey matter becomes a bit darker. Actually, I feel like a bear that wants to find a cave and hibernate when the cold air comes out of Canada.
I've been back in the studio for about a week, with several projects on the workbench. I have been cutting out templates with a stiff paper and placing the paper on a slab of clay to cut out forms that I can put together the next day. I hope to have a shot of the pieces as a before and after firing shot, if I can find my camera. Anyway, get to work and make them beautiful pots.

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Shane Mickey said...

thats right ronnie, i dont think the grey matter went dark, it was the sixties buddy, peace, love, loss of brain cells! I am going to crawl in a cave, to live, sell the house, give up all worldly possesions and live in a cave, witha bear! make those pots for my firing now.