Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A good start.

I've got my Shane Mickey mug and I'm enjoying an early morning java with summer rapidly leaving the mountains, replaced by the crisp air of fall. I look out my windows and the early morning fog is laying up the valley yielding a peacefulness to the farm that is so enjoyable early in the day. So Shane, here's to ya, its a mighty fine cup for having my coffee.

I'm going to Erwin this morning to mow grass and help with the work that is going on with my parents house. I'm getting it ready to sell. It has taken me almost ten years to make this decision, because it is where I grew up and letting go has been very difficult.

I believe that the house is about half way finished. It is a very nicely situated ranch house that looks out over north Erwin and also has an unimpeded view of the Beauty Spot that is straddled by the North Carolina and Tennessee State line. My father, in reference to our close proximity to the state line, always said that "our house is in the city, the garden is in the country and our jon is in North Carolina."

Growing up in Erwin, life was slow and paced, my parents would send me out of the house in the morning and say "if you want supper be back before dust". Such freedoms do not exist today and that is a tragedy. Joe Comeau, a potter friend would say "your as old as dirt and there was only three other people living in Erwin." Thanks, Joe.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Day of the deal.

My day has not worked out as I had planned. A road trip to Erwin and then on to Johnson City, TN to finalize the paperwork on a new car for Maria. I love car dealers, they promise you the moon, if you'll take the car today and then like a stoodup bride, you come back three days later to barter, the chasity belt is on and you ain't going to get what is promised. But, what is funny is the fact that cars are not moving and they need the sales. We got to a price and I filled out an application for a loan and then headed for the house. Maria has to bring the BMW over tomorrow and we can finalize the deal.
I can tell you that if they could take that wonderful engine and drive train out of the BMW chassis and put it in a Ford or Chevy chassis, you would have one hell of a vehicle. The BMW chassis will fall apart by a hundred thousand miles, Every sensor (@ $250 each) will go out, the catalytic converters (2 @ about $1000 each plus labor) will go out. They are the most expensive car to maintain, that is on the road. Enough of this.
I get home, after going to Erwin to set off some insect bombs in the basement of my house, but I forgot the keys, opps. I get home and several messages are on the phone, and before I could punch in a number, the company I'm setting up a loan through wants to confirm whether I'm deceased or not, then by the time I hang up and start to dail another number, another bank from another location calls and wants to know if I am deceased. Well, like Alices Restaurant, I begin to sing my song about the day I was declared deceased.
I had to call Maria at this time and tell her all about this ordeal with Best BUY, where I purchased a camera, on a 6 months same as cash deal, and they wanted to change the terms. When I paid it off in five months and made them live up to their "same as cash" deal, well they didn't like that, so they tell the three credit companies that I am deceased.
Maria asks me what I am going to do? I'm going to the dollar store and get one of those baby nipples, I said, "and stick it on a bottle of Ouzo and drink it till I'm just about blind." She hasn't had her 6 o'clock toddy and without breaking stride, says "I was wondering why your marital obligations were lacking"!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Springtime with Maria

I am sorry for the long absence. This winter has passed on by, and the richness of spring is here. I am doubly thankful, spring is my favorite season and Maria is on the mend, she has only a couple of chemos left and she has fared very well against this cancer. She was diagnosed with a tumor against her chest wall and Maria fought it like someone fighting fire, seemingly without fear. She said, when asked, that there was nothing else to do, but deal with it. I am very proud of her, to say the least. I wanted to thank everyone, friends and family, especially Tammy, Maria's sister, whose dedication to Maria's health is incredible. Thank you.
The Hope Center in Asheville has been very supportive and professional with the care that they have shown to Maria and I. They have gone out of their way to make sure that Maria was informed and every explanation was clear.
Dr. Williams, founder of The Hope Center, talked with us, until every question was answered and decisions made. My experience, as an ex paramedic, exposed me to the corrupt side of Medicine. I believe Williams is one of the good guys, those that practice medicine for the love of the art form and for the purpose of giving everyone good health care.
On a personal note, It was very hard to see so many young women in his office. I'm sure this is a fact that truly does upset staff, as it does myself. Young women having to face sometimes disfigurement, just starting their life as young adults. I saw a lot of very young ladies waiting for chemo or radiation and I believe it is very important that we support the fight against cancer, so that Dr. Williams will get less business, I'm sure he would agree.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Demons and Angels

I have gone and done something that I have only done one other time in my life, Joe Namath was quarterbacking that game. Normally, I could care less for who is playing or even if someone was playing, but I had to rut for the Saints. I was happy and enjoyed seeing them win. I must be totally bored out of my mind, it must be desperation or cabin fever. I always prided myself on never have been to or seen a UT game (of which I am an alumni) of any kind. Anyway: Good job , Saints.
My blogging about clay has decreased of late, I decided to not work in the studio this winter, and it has been wonderful pursuing another love of mine, cooking. I have been writing and sharing recipes with other folks across the country. My blog is on the side bar called "Food Cabinet", check it out, my blog list has a number of professional sites and just plain folks sharing ideals and recipes and I have found some very inventive and intuitive cooks with some great ideals.
Now I know what you are thinking, doesn't like football, likes to cook-he's gay (as if this is the criteria for any title). Well, no I'm not, but........my wife says "You need to rethink this, Slagle. Lately, you have had some very girlly moments." "Well", in my rebuttal, Nathan Lane in "The Bird Gage" showed us that even John Wayne had his girlly moments." Enough said about this. Get back to making those cold clay pots with sexual overtones and symbolism.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The family is Home !

Is this not a face that only a mother would love?

Finally, I shared a wonderful Christmas with both sons, Laura (Chases's wife), and my granddaughter,Shelby, whom I have not seen in three years. Their visit was way too short, but they had to spend time with Laura's folks and Paul had to go back to work at the Cherokee casino, no he is not a card shark, he works as a cook and goes to school to become an artist in the commercial arts.

After Raliegh, Chase, Laura, and Shelby will head to Kansas to see his grandparents and family. Then they will be off to San Diego for a two year tour. I hope the rain settles down by the time they get to southern California.