Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Charlotte show

Three firings in 2 weeks, I had planned on four, thinking I was still a young wipper snapper. I think this is from hanging around Shane Mickey too much. To be around him, is to absorb excessive energy he distributes. I do look forward to the up coming firing with him in his newish old kiln (I had to think about it, too).
It was good to meet some new folks at Charlotte, and renew some old friendships. Sales were brisk in the morning, but slide off in the afternoon. It became hot as all get out and I had to go sit under the big shade trees in back of the booth. Maria sat the booth and seemed to enjoy time talking to folks, she is still excited by these road trips. It's a local show and I don't mind them too much, it also gets me out of the studio.
Make them beautiful pots and post them, love to see new work.

I've added a photo of my Matisse influenced painting "Lady with a Palm".

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Michael Kline said...

It was good to see you kicking some ass and firing all of that large work. Way to go! I got a little warm at our side of the tent too. Glad to see you all.