Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Morning kick start

If you haven't checked out Emily Murphy's blog, do so. She has some archived blogs that are "how tos". Her blog is among the top blogs when you do a google search and several other searches. Every time I go to her blog, I pick up new info. I just added google reader, on her suggestion, and it has improved my ability to read any up to date blogs, it will list any recent blogs that have been added. With Emily's suggestion I added her blogs to my "reader" and went through and selected the ones I wanted to follow, every morning I can read just the updated blogs, with out having to check every blog.

It's just about time to get out of here and head to the shop, day before yesterday I threw 50 cups and I need to get them handled this morning. With the rain, I am going to have to build a fire and get the place warmed up, first.

The Spruce Pine Potters Market is this weekend, and I am trying to stay optimistic with as good an attitude as I can, The more news I listen to, the more that attitude crumbles and changes. But, I am positive that the "market" is a very good direction for this area to take. A lot of my customers like to come to the studio, but with gas so high and studios scattered, the "market," becomes ideal for them to see new people and visit with the older studios. Good luck to us for the market being the best ever. Make them good pots.

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