Friday, August 8, 2008


The weekend is on us and it becomes the busy time of the week. The greasy beans are ready to pick, I've got to move a stove (getting ready for winter), and I have a bunch of sculpture and pots to trim and finish. My wife comes up from Asheville on fridays with her agenda, which is usually opposite of my own, but her agenda is the things that I need to get done, so the arguments are peaceful (whimp) and usually finished first.
Emily Murphy has posted a blog that is very informative. This post has given me loads of tools to use for developing a website, she just posted her new site and it looks great. I have a listing on the sidebar for her blog. is an excellent tool to determine if your website is effective and it tells you things that need added or taken away. I put my website in the form they provide and it went over my site and listed things that I would need to improve. To say the least, I have started working on a totally new site (gads, I thought I was doing so well.) It does not critique your layout, only gives you advice about the number of pictures, etc. It will grade you site against other similar sites is another bloging site that Emily talks about on her blog, it might be worth checking out the site.
Time to head to the shop, make good pots.

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