Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Lesson

I have a poltergeist roaming the house, probably my uncle who "crossed over" (love that phrase). He keeps moving stuff around so I cannot find it. I usually spend a lot of my time locating items "moved by my uncle". Maria says that "I have bought enough two's of every tool, that the basement is full", and that I should put stuff up in the same spot each time, so I could find it. My rebut, "Luther moved it".

Yesterday was an excellent day for throwing and glazing, I was throwing some 15-20 pounders for most of the early afternoon. The globe shapes are forms that were some of my first forms that I learned to throw. Tashiko Takeazo (sp) is a close friend with Olen Bryant, my mentor. They both went to Cranbrook Academy in Michigan. Olen had a very large collection of her work, which he kept at his office at school and more at his home. I got to where I could pretty much duplicate the work, so to show her how much I loved her work and learned so much from having it available. I thought that I would honor her by showing one of the forms to her. " She got upset with me, when I showed her one of the spheres, Olen said that "she was upset that an upstart "me" could mimic her work." Now that I recall it, shortly thereafter Olen had told me about a "guest" that was coming for a lunchin" and that he wanted me and another fellow to meet her. She is a Psychiatrist that finds "artist" interesting. Even though I had not made a claim to lofty titles, Olen introduced us, the runt and I. Afterwards, Olen told me that she had not found me very interesting. OK, I was humbled. I view the event now with suspicion, because, I think Olen felt I had gained too much ego from my encounter with Tashiko, therefore the lesson.
Well, it is time for me to find my camera, so I can take some shots of the racks of pots that I like to show off. "Luther, dammit, where is my camera?".
So, have a good one today and make beautiful pots.

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Michael Kline said...

Yea Luther! We need to see all tof those "bigger than your head" pots. See you tonight.