Monday, August 11, 2008

Summer food

My wife Maria and I have been in the garden picking beans, digging potatoes (taters), and eating our fill of tomatoes. We planted an heirloom tomato call Cherokee Black, it is one of the best tasting tomatoes I think I have ever eaten. We usually turn into summer vegetarians now through usually November when most of the vines die back. I've promised Maria that I would try and get some winter crops out this fall, so we could have fresh greens, beets, and kale in the spring. We will be canning now through late October and enjoying canned goods through the winter.

I've been up to my eyeballs in clay the last two weeks, trying to meet deadlines and getting ready for two of three shows I have this fall.
Shane Mickey (A Potters Life) has been very kind to offer me space in his anagama firing coming at the end of August. I will have some photos from the firing and hopefully post them on this blog. I enjoy Shanes work and find his thoughtfulness of events and the makings of pottery very interesting and insightful. He is a very skilled kiln builder and has stacked a lot of brick in workshops and for indivisuals.
It's about time for this spinner to cut off the wheel and go dream about big pots.

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Joy Tanner said...

Ron, Yum! Sounds mouth watering!