Monday, March 5, 2012

New work

These little (10-12inches) bust studies are perfect for playing with facial expressions and character development.  They are a delight and fun to put together.  I finish with a black wash and fire to the cone 10-12 Temperature.  The gentle gestures and soft textures are my visits with the pass.  My foundation in work that is low tech, but yet has a contemporary qualities and strengths.

I like to look back and gather the feel, something religious, made of superstitions or from the primitive hand that can reflect the makers thinking and way of life.  My question now becomes, "will someone look at the work I have done and ask about the primitive hand that made a certain piece?"  Only time will have to get back with me on that. 
The fertility images, based on Peruvian art, has given me a great deal of pleasure to develop and play. 

On a personal note; I have had a long absence from these pages and I have missed them and hope I will be able to add some pictures and hopefully gather impressions from others.  I mostly wish to have fun.  Thank you for stopping by and I hope I have left you with a smile.

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