Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kiln down

It seems strange now that the kiln is on the floor of where I stacked so many pots. The walls on both sides still stood after I pulled out the whole front, firebox side , out with the tractor. Maria had done such a good job of clearing out the pile of broken and salt covered brick, scattered over the area that we stood on to feed the appetite of the beast. The roof, insulation layer of the kiln was still hanging across the width of the kiln. I just hit it with my hammer once and it completely fell this time, filling the area with dust and more broken pieces, rebar, concrete and lots of fiber blanket. The dust was thick at first and took a few minutes to clear. I went back down to the lower part of the kiln and I could see well up into the woods behind the kiln, which before was blocked by the kiln.
Last evening I had sat and drew up the plans for the new kiln and try to estimate how many brick it will take to build this anagama. I have considered a Norigama, but the ideal of just a single chambered kiln makes more sense to me.

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