Monday, April 7, 2008

I opened and unloaded the kiln on Sunday, results are fairly predictable. A couple of new colors came out very nicely and some problems appeared with the slip under the glaze, crawling, especially with the Temple white. When I layer a second color on top of the #6 Tile slip and another color, it will crawl back, exposing the color. I haven't worked with a lot of reduction glazes since '87 and some things come back quickly and others not so well remembered.
This was my first kiln load with an amount of work from my changing the way I throw a piece of work. Basicly, I'm slowing the wheel, to imitate the motion or speed of a kick wheel, and pulling the clay as fast as I normally would throw. Using ribs rather my finger tips. The results have been delightful, with work showing a freshness and qualities that I have tried to do over the years, without much success. The process makes me focus on each step of the throw, concentrating on the foot, the wall as it is pulled and forced into place, and the lip, it's finished shape.
If you have not seen the Hamada and Cardew film on YouTube, Do a search and watch the two different approaches to throwing. These are wonderful documentations of Masters at work. I have learned so much from just watching the techniques and skill that are used with each potter.

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