Monday, March 11, 2013

Bowls part 3

I have known Shawn Ireland for a long time and I love his concentration on Italian folk forms.  I had initially been drawn to him by his paintings, his skills are disciplined and it reflects in several media, but I want to share his love of clay.

These bowls are what I call kinfolk, they exhibit the qualities that I find rich in design, character and function.  The forms are balanced in weight and size, with the foot giving just the right amount of lift.  The walls taper outwardly, with just slight definition to the trim cut above the foot.  The lip is defined by the wall shape (the body) and is given a gentile presence by a triangular alteration.  The foot looks to have been cut using a rounded cutting tool, which indicates a thoughtfulness to every area of this bowl.

I got two of the bowls from Shawn, and we use them for my salsa and chips, perfect for olives, and oatmeal.  These bowls are not just bowls....they are part of my relation with the potter.

MARIA.......where's my socks?


June Perry said...
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June Perry said...

Great to see you posting on your blog again Ron.

Hope you and Maria are doing well.

potrron said...

e all is going well with you and Jim, I've been reading your blob and enjoying it very much. Every now and again I do enjoy writing about things that I get on my mind. We miss you all and think about you two often.

June Perry said...

We miss you all as well Ron. We've settled in pretty well. It's been a big change in lifestyle and work; but the valley has much to offer in the way of conveniences which we are enjoying; and of course we get to see our son and his family a lot. So, for as much as we miss our life and friends in Bakersville, we are managing to slowly adjust to this new life.